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I grew up as a shy Midwestern young boy who was born in Eastern Iowa and raised in a small Northwestern town in Illinois. I enjoyed the sports of basketball and baseball and enjoy the 60's music of days gone by. Even though many radio listeners and TV viewers assumed I was a 'special' kind of personality, and that I enjoyed living in the spotlight. Nothing could be further from the truth. I preferred to just quietly do my thing without a lot of hype or fanfare. I enjoy traveling, fishing and golfing. I have three adult children and two grandchildren.

Another successful book-signing in Galena, IL.

It was another successful book-signing this past Wednesday at Kaladi’s Coffee Bar on Main St. in downtown Galena, IL. Yes, it was cold and windy, but perfect weather to come into Kaladi’s for a hot coffee, tea, latte or hot chocolate and purchase my book ON THE AIR. My book is selling for $30.00 at my book-signings with a percentage of all book sales going to the local American Cancer Society and the local American Heart Association.

I will be going back to Kaladi’s Coffee Bar on Friday Nov. 29th (the day after Thanksgiving…BLACK FRIDAY) and again on Saturday December 14th for book-signings. The times for both dates will be 9a-11a and then again from 2p-4p. I sure hope all of my Facebook friends and others will try to attend one of these two up-coming books-signings. I really enjoy sitting down and chatting with all of you and autographing your personal copy of my book.

Don’t forget the dates: FRIDAY NOV. 29TH and SATURDAY DEC. 14th @ Kaladi’s Coffee Bar on Main Street in downtown Galena. Come have something warm to drink, chat a while, and buy my book ON THE AIR. Thanks for all your support!!!!!


COME ONE COME ALL to my BOOK-SIGNING TOMORROW (WEDNESDAY) @ Kaladi’s Coffee Bar on Main Street in downtown Galena, IL. I will be there selling and signing my book ON THE AIR from 9a til 11a and again from 2p til 4pm. I hope many of you who haven’t purchased a copy of my book will come buy a copy and visit awhile. My book sells for $30.00 at my book-signings with a percentage being donated to the local American Cancer Society and the local American Heart Association.

Applewood Residents…Thank You!

On Wednesday (10/30) afternoon I had a book-signing event from 2p til 5p at Applewood Senior Apartments here in Dubuque, IA. Hot apple cider and apple cider donuts were served and I believe everyone that attended had a good visit and a good time. I want to thank those especially who purchased my book ON THE AIR. I hope you enjoy the read and are able to find out much more about me than you knew or ever wanted to know. I enjoyed signing each and every one of the books and the conversation was priceless! My next book-signing event is coming up Wednesday Nov. 13th. It will be at Kaladi’s Coffee Bar 309 S. Main Street in downtown Galena, IL. I will be there from 9a til 11a and then again from 2p til 4p selling my autobiography ON THE AIR and signing each personal copy. With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner my book will make a fun Christmas gift for someone on your list or maybe just for YOU! Again, a percentage of every book i sell I am donating back to the local American Cancer Society and the local American Heart Association. Please help me help these charities fight these life threatening diseases by purchasing a book or two. Thank you for all your support!!!


I would like to encourage anyone and everyone who has purchased my book and read it already to PLEASE GIVE IT A REVIEW!! You can post your review at:

If you like you can email me your review at and I will in turn email it to my publishing company, and also post them on my website and my Facebook pages too.

I have received emails and Facebook messages from many who have purchased my book either on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or through my publishing company Dorrance Publishing Co. Those of you who have attended my book-signing events I encourage you to PLEASE GIVE MY BOOK A REVIEW too!! It helps sell my books, but more importantly helps the two charities that I am donating money to from all my book sales.

If you haven’t purchased my book ON THE AIR My Life and 41+ Years in Small Market Radio you can do so by clicking on any of the following addresses that I have included in this message:

 If you haven’t purchased my book, I also have scheduled two (2) more book-signing events. Tomorrow (Wednesday Oct. 30th) I will be in the Community Room of Applewood Senior Apartments (3175 Pennsylvania Ave. Dubuque, IA.) from 2p-5p selling my book for $30.00 and signing your personal copy. In addition, I am serving up hot cups of apple cider and apple cider donuts. Please come and enjoy the event! 

Book-Signing in Dubuque, IA. 10/17/19

A good time was had by all last night at my book-signing at River Lights Bookstore on Main Street in downtown Dubuque, IA. I met some very nice people, sold some books and signed them and had some informative conversations.

My next book-signing is scheduled for Wednesday October 30th from 2:00pm till 5:00pm in the Community Room of the place that I call home…. Applewood Senior Apartments 3175 Pennsylvania Ave. (Building #2). I will be serving hot apple cider and apple cider donuts to those who attend, and hopefully will buy a book. My book ON THE AIR will be on sale for $30.00, and a percentage of each book I sell I am donating to the local American Cancer Society and the local American Heart Association. We will accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.

I hope many of my friends and those that heard me on the radio over the years will attend and buy a book. I will be happy to sign your personal copy and chat with you for a while. Thanks for your support!

Recent Surprises At My Book-Signing

I have to admit I am still in a bit of shock along with happy moments after Saturday (Oct. 12th) book-signing at E-Town Coffee Company in Elizabeth, IL. A large contingent of my cousins on my father’s side braved the chilly temperatures and windy conditions to surprise me at my book-signing and make it a very special day. My heart-felt thanks to all of you for coming and purchasing my book ON THE AIR. If that wasn’t enough, a lady attended my book-signing that had listened to me on the radio in the 70’s in Freeport, IL and also when I was employed at the Platteville, WI. radio station in the early 2000. In addition a man show up who I played high school basketball against some 50+ years ago. Then to top off the day my sister drove down from Sun Prairie, WI. to surprise me. What a special special day it was. I can not thank Jodie Korte of E-Town Coffee Company in Elizabeth, IL. enough for hosting Saturday’s book-signing. She and her staff did a ‘yeoman’ job of taking care of the large crowd who patronized her business all day long; and they did it with a smile and always a pleasant greeting. It will take me a few days to gather myself after such a busy and glorious day. My thanks to everyone for coming Saturday, and thank you for all the support you have given me not only during my book-signings but also throughout the many years.